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Farmhouse La Tesa

You will find 4 spacious apartments for your stay in Cortona, bright and comfortable and an outbuilding between the olive trees.
Farmhouse La Tesa is the best that a country house can give you for your holiday in the heart of Tuscany. You will experience a rejuvenating experience, full of good life sun of Tuscany.

Our commitment to sustainability

Green behaviors adopted by our Farmhouse

1. Apartment cleaning, detergents and waste:
  • We use non-toxic cleaning products and with clear indications of respect for the environment;
  • The cleaning cloths are microfiber, which significantly reduce the amount of products used;
  • Using cleaning products more concentrated diminish by more than half the number of plastic bottles and a large part of the impact produced by chemical agents;
  • In order to save the trees, the paper used, paper towels and toilet paper only comes from recycled paper;
  • We close the blinds and curtains in the rooms when cleaning is completed. This improves the insulation of the rooms.
2. Electricity:
  • The lighting is low energy;
  • They have been replaced some of the old electric motors with high efficiency motors that consume up to 70% less;
  • We check every morning, the pool filters because they are always clean to prevent the filtering system efforts excessively.
3. Water:
  • Plants and flowers of our gardens are represented mostly by native vegetation best suited to our climate and with less need for care and water;
  • We put into place a system to collect rainwater to use for irrigation and other uses permitted;
  • The pipeline transportation of air, hot and cold water are all isolated;
  • Periodically we check filters conditioners.

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