Agritourism in Tuscany - Farm production of red wine sangiovese

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Wines Dalcentro

Wines Dalcentro

The name of the wine “DALCENTRO” refers to a symbolic path, ideal starting point, represented by sustainability in the production according to the principles of organic farming and biodynamic farming.

The value: a healthy, natural, respectful of the biodiversity of nature and its rhythms.

Awards and Recognitions

Fact Sheet Dalcentro
Designation IGT Toscano Rosso
Grapes 100% Sangiovese, only wine flower
Land and vineyard Name vineyard “Vigna of the Gorgons.” 3 hectares, located high in Terontola – Cortona. Hilly terrain to 280% mslm100 cordon. Age 7 years. Density of 5000 plants.
Treatments Sulfur, copper with the addition of infusions of nettle, horsetail, rosehip, horn manure. Occasionally, green manure and horn silica.
Yield per hectare 50 medium
Harvest October. 100% manual.
Fermentations Natural yeast on the skins with no added nor enzymes.
Ingredients and processing Grapes grown in our company and passion.
Added sulfites Small doses of sulfur only bottling
Bottles produced 1500 – 2000
Alcohol From 12,80% vol. to 13,60% vol.
Refinement For 18 months
Vintages produced 2009, 2010, 2012
How to drink it Leave to rest the bottle after transport. The wine was not clarified nor filtered. Any residues are the natural evolution of vino.I our wines should be drunk at 16 ° / 17 ° after being oxygenated. Once open, they need time to express themselves, so “slow” and savor your time. Recommended Music: Song of the wine, D. Riondino.
Warranty We guarantee every bottle! In the event of defects and / or alterations please contact: Az. Agr. Eredi Baldoncini Cortona (AR) N.A. Vallone 33; Tel e fax 0575-605102 – Cell. 3355496739 Email:
Warnings Red wine drinkers drink natural happiness.

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